Hart Building

Construction in the Hart Building is near completion. Finishing touches are taking place on the first floor while the new dance studios and offices are now filled with students and employees. Upgrades to the HVAC system in the racquetball courts are currently underway as well as additional roofing support, structural support, and new ceiling tiles.

Campus Steam Line Improvements Hart Building 

Larger capacity steam lines were installed over the summer between the Hart and the Clarke. Work continues on the east portion of the project. The McKay to Clarke line is expected to be completed in November.

The new steam lines in the south playground of the Clarke child lab are also still in progress. The timing of the project worked well because, due to COVID-19, the lab is not inviting children to campus this fall. Sidewalks have also been replaced from the Hart to the Romney and McKay buildings. Landscaping is currently underway to beautify the former construction zone.

New Roofs 

During summer session, the roofs of the Kimball Building and the east portion of the McKay Library were replaced. Roofing work continues this fall for the Chapman and Lamprecht Buildings with an expected completion in November.

New Parking Lot

The new parking lot on the corner of 7th South and Center Street is completed and being used for the Fall 2020 Semester. The space includes new sidewalks, lighting, and approximately 165 parking stalls.

Kimball Lighting

The Kimball lighting project is completed, which oversaw the transition to LED lights. This project was a contributing factor to BYU-Idaho receiving the Idaho Leadership in Energy Efficiency Award for the 5th consecutive year, as LED lights have longer life expectancy and require less electricity than before, saving campus unnecessary expenses.

New Ceramics Lab

Construction on the new ceramics lab building is quickly moving forward. Asphalt for the adjoining parking lot was recently laid in preparation for colder weather. The estimated date of completion is January or February 2021.

University Village Community Center

While contractors finish landscape work, the new community center has opened to the tenets of University Village. The new center features a large lounge for young families to hold events and gatherings. Game rooms for adults and play areas for children provide entertainment. The center also includes both a music and exercise room. The center’s official opening has been delayed due to COVID-19.

BYU-Idaho would like to thank everyone for their patience throughout this construction on campus infrastructure.