BYU-Idaho Education Week Review

More people than ever have had the opportunity to participate in BYU-Idaho's Education Week this year. Due to health and safety precautions, the annual conference was held exclusively online for the second year in a row. This year’s classes became available on Friday, July 30, offering families and individuals the chance to learn more through uplifting devotionals, workshops, and helpful resources.

The conference includes 11 speakers from various departments of the university, including an opening keynote address by Academic Vice President Jon Linford. 

A Mighty Change with Jon Linford, Academic Vice President

University's Academic Vice President Jon Linford opened BYU-Idaho’s Education Week with his keynote address titled “A Mighty Change,” which inspired listeners to take advantage of the blessings that come from embracing positive change.

“While none of us are perfect—we try to be diligent. We try to improve, day after day. And in our faith, we call upon the powers of heaven, the power of the atonement of Jesus Christ, to change us and make us better,” Linford said.

Linford shared his message of finding change in our lives by relating experiences from prophets in the scriptures and his own personal life. He focused on the blessings that come from changing by having faith in Jesus Christ and His Atonement.

“Faith in the Lord Jesus Christ, and the companionship of the Holy Ghost, can immeasurably help us through any challenge we encounter,” Linford said.

Enhancing our Temple Experience with Ross Baron, Department of Religious Education

BYU-Idaho faculty member Ross Baron used scripture passages to help participants better understand how they could enhance their temple experiences and become more Christlike.

“Temple work is a vicarious work on the behalf of others, so I literally walk in His paths. I imitate Jesus when I go to the temple because I’m doing for others what they can’t do for themselves.

In the act of imitating Jesus in this selfless work of worship and humility, I change my nature and I become more and more like the Lord Jesus Christ,” Baron said.

Baron then left the audience with three questions to ponder when focusing on enhancing our temple experience.

“Is the temple central in your life? Is it a central organizing element in your life? Would you consider that the symbol of your membership?” Baron asked.

And should we die? with Mindy Davis, Department of Religious Education

In her presentation Mindy Davis outlined a step-by-step tutorial on how to organize, prepare, and provide a plan for after we pass away.

“Your thoughtful planning will endure as an expression of love for your family,” Davis said.

Davis went on to share a personal experience about what she learned following her husband’s unexpected death, and what we specifically need to plan and prepare for in case we were to prematurely pass away.

Intentionality: Living Life with Purpose and on Purpose with Rob Eaton, Department of Religious Education 

Rob Eaton explores the word “intentional,” examining what it means to be intentional, and how being more intentional can bless us and those around us.

“We are more prone to be reactive than proactive, impulsive than intentional, focused on the moment than on eternity,” Eaton said. “We rarely consider where it is that we want to go, what we want to do, and above all who we want to become."

Eaton went on to teach of ways that we can increase our intentionality in our lives and through different aspects of gospel living such as teaching the gospel and ministering.

Seek Ye Out of the Best Books with Holly Green, Public Services/TLC Librarian and Ina Rodino, Associate University Librarian

Need a good read? Public Services/TLC Librarian Holly Green and Associate University Librarian Ina Rodino co-taught a workshop on which websites to use when searching for new books and reading content. Green and Rodino took turns sharing their personal favorite books in some of the library’s sections including picture books, middle-grade books, young adult books, adult books, and audiobooks.

Enjoyable, Simple, and Rewarding: Family History and Temple Work On-The-Go Tools with Angie Kivett, Supplies Department Coordinator

Angie Kivett’s presentation included a step-by-step tutorial on how to use current family history tools from FamilySearch and the blessings that come from doing family history work.

Kivett concludes her presentation by emphasizing the importance of family history work.

“This is going to be something you want to show people, you want to know about, you need to be using this. If we are to be covenant keepers, and if we are to be a people who say I want to do the things a prophet asking, we need to be able to have access to all the help we can, so we in our very busy lives are able to do this great work,” Kivett said.

Having Essential Conversations with Your Family About The Family Proclamation with Tim Rarick, Department of Home and Family

Department of Home and Family faculty member, Tim Rarick, presented on how to understand why and how to explore The Family: A Proclamation to the World through twelve principles.

As he spoke to families and individuals, he emphasized the importance his presentation would give to parents as they raise their families.

“I want to start the fire but it’s your job to keep the fire going in your hearts and in your homes,” Rarick said. “The family proclamation is the mind and the will of the Lord, and it is for everyone regardless of their circumstances.”

Knowest thou the condescension of God? with William Riggins, Student Honor Office Director

William Riggins taught that in order to answer the question “knowest thou the condescension of God?” we must first ask ourselves another question that he often asks his students.

“What may be the most important words that the Lord ever spoke?” Riggins said.

Using an analogy from former President Boyd K. Packer in 1955, Riggins takes the audience through a journey of imagination to better understand Jesus Christ and his characteristics in order to answer the question, “knowest thou the condescension of God?

Good Reads by Members of the Church with Rhonda Seamons, Department of Home and Family

Home and family faculty member Rhonda Seamons shares her top ten favorite authors and illustrators that she admires who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

At the conclusion of her workshop, Rhonda expressed her appreciation for authors and their kindness towards children.

“I think it is wonderful when authors and illustrators are willing to interact with children and share their books. I especially love it when members of our church are enthusiastic about helping children learn and grow,” Seamons said.

Follow the Prophet, He Knows the Way!!! with Robert Wahlquist, Department of Religious Education 

Robert Wahlquist used various props and visual tools to teach the importance of prophets. Using various scriptures, he helped the audience learn more about why it’s so important to have a living prophet.

“Jesus Christ is leading the Church of Jesus Christ, and he is doing it with imperfect men but he is perfect,” Wahlquist said. “We have to have faith that Jesus Christ knows what He’s doing when he calls, and directs, and guides his prophets on the earth today.”

To view devotionals and select classes from the 2021 BYU-Idaho Education Week conference, visit the BYU-Idaho Education Week website to take advantage of this year’s free virtual conference.