Student Activities & Involvement Center  

Construction has started on the new Student Activities and Involvement Center. The department will be moved to a new location on the first floor of the Manwaring Center, just inside the southwest entrance, where part of the Career Center used to be located. 

After the move, which is projected to be completed during the Fall 2021 Semester, a remodel of Student Activities’ current location across from University Store will make way for Academic Advising.  

Concrete around Manwaring Center  

Concrete sidewalks, stairs, and railings around the Manwaring Center will be refinished to fix deterioration that has occurred over time. Before the concrete is poured, the underground heating snowmelt system will also be replaced. This project will be completed before the Fall 2021 Semester begins. 

Underground High Voltage  

The construction of the new Visual Arts Studio requires updates to the campus underground high voltage system. To help with efficiency, cables will be rerouted for the circuit system on the northeast corner of campus during the Summer 2021 Session. This construction will improve the circuit loop system for the new building while preventing potential electrical failures. 

Concrete Sidewalks 

Some concrete sidewalks on campus will be replaced throughout the Spring 2021 Semester and Summer Session, where deterioration has occurred from the harsh winters. Throughout this project, potential tripping hazards will be removed and replaced. In areas with smaller scale damage, isolated patching will be done.  

Asphalt Maintenance 

As asphalt naturally cracks and separates, some maintenance is required on campus each year. Throughout the Summer 2021 Session, the roads and parking lots on the east side of campus, near East Viking Drive, will be resurfaced. 

Replacing Emergency Generator 

For over a decade, the university has used two backup generators at the Central Energy Facility for power outage emergencies on campus. In August 2021, these older generators are projected to be replaced with two new generators that require less maintenance. 

Ceiling & Lights  

The Romney Building will undergo some changes, mainly in the east half of the first-floor section of the building, to help with energy management, conservation, and efficiency. This renovation will include new LED lights, light fixtures, and ceiling panels. In an effort to maintain energy management and help with conservation, this building and other older areas on campus will also be upgraded during the Summer 2021 Session. 


The Romney Building will also receive upgrades to its ventilation and HVAC system. New vents in the ceiling will be installed in both classrooms and offices. During the Summer 2021 Session, the HVAC fan system in the mechanical room of the McKay Library will also be replaced and upgraded.


Sewer Line 

At the beginning of the Summer 2021 Session, the sewer line at the east side of campus will be replaced. This three-week process includes digging up and replacing the current cast-iron pipes with new PVC piping. The upgrade will provide more efficient and lower-maintenance use of these lines, which require high volume use from areas such as Food Services.