As BYU-Idaho aims to develop students into effective communicators, the university is always working to improve its own communication channels. Walking by the new Career Center in the Manwaring Center, students and employees can easily spot the university’s newest digital signage—two video walls, each composed of nine 55-inch TV screens.

These video walls, operated on the digital signage network, combine multiple screens to catch the eye of passersby, sharing key messages and announcements from the Career Center.

University Relations launched the digital signage network around 2015. With technology advancement, this network is now expanding to provide additional functions with the best interest of students in mind. Currently, there are 50 campus-wide information screens with a few new locations coming this year. In 2021, new software was acquired to provide for additional functionality. New features include cloud-based management, more content sources, and video wall configurations.

Hundreds of students pass by these video screens every day, providing an effective channel to share official campus announcements, as well as specific department notices. Additionally, the digital video screens better facilitate updates to content like room changes or time adjustments that are difficult to quickly communicate with printed material.

Additional functions of this network include communicating emergency notifications for those on campus. If an emergency were to occur on or near campus, each screen across the digital campus network would display an emergency notification.

In addition, individual departments have the ability to display, advertise, and promote targeted messaging about programs and upcoming events. They can do this by submitting content to play campus wide, or request their content play specifically in their academic building, or even create their own visual slideshow playlist.

The Career Center uses the new video walls to encourage students to use the office’s services. BYU-Idaho’s Career Center Managing Director Derek Fay expressed his excitement to use the new video boards.

“We want to invite, educate, and motivate students to use the BYU-Idaho Career Center,” Fay said.

Traditionally, campus departments have hung posters on bulletin boards to share information. With technology constantly advancing, departments now have the ability to go digital in sharing that information. For departments that take advantage of this network, the opportunity to promote and share information relevant to the department will be readily accessible.

The digital signage network procedures will remain the same as announcements on bulletin boards in the past. Any new digital signage requests and public-facing messaging for the student body requires preapproval and coordination through University Relations.

University Relations Marketing and Channel Data Manager Arnold Thiebaud wants to help campus departments continue to maximize efforts as they work with various communication channels.

“When possible, please meet with University Relations to discuss communication strategy, because we will work with you to find solutions for marketing based on your department’s communication needs,” Thiebaud said.

If your department is interested in utilizing the digital signage network to market your messaging to students, consult with your University Relations communication strategist.

“The strategy team will also be able to recommend other tools that can be used to strengthen and emphasize those departments’ messages on the digital design network.” Thiebaud said.

Senior Marketing Channel Coordinator James Linton says he hopes the digital signage network creates more effective communication.

“We want to help people communicate in the best way possible. DSN is one tool of many that will help communicators match their message to the audiences’ needs. Visit with us and we will help you discover some of the many benefits offered by the Digital Signage Network on campus,” Linton said.