Women Supporting Women

The BYU-Idaho Women's Advisory Council has launched a new website, www.byui.edu/womens-services, in an effort to enhance the services they provide for the women both on and off campus. The website, that is specifically crafted to meet the needs of both employee and student women will be an indispensable resource.

One of the primary focuses of the new website will be to raise awareness of opportunities surrounding women in the BYU-Idaho community. It will also help women access necessary resources that will enable them to enrich their time while at BYU-Idaho.

"The website will help people know we as a council exist," said Euleza Hymas, activities advisor in Student Activities. "We've found from experience that a lot of women have raised concerns or celebrations but don't know where to direct them."

The website has been a prominent focus of the council for a number of years and represents a significant effort to reach out to women. It will provide a number of tools designed to help women engage in campus activities and events. Employees and students will have access to an archive of speeches and talks pertaining to the unique challenges and experiences of BYU-Idaho. Users will also have access to relevant event information and on-campus resources.

The new website aims to provide a sense of community by providing a place for women to share their concerns and ideas. As part of strengthening the community of women at BYU-Idaho the website spotlights a cross section of women on campus.Each spotlight is an inside look at individuals and their experience as a woman at BYU-Idaho. Women will also be able to submit their own stories and share their perspective regarding life on campus.

"We've had many panels and great speeches in the past that were specifically for the women on campus that people can have access to through the new website," Hymas said.

The Women's Advisory Council facilitates changes and improvements to campus life that enable women to not only feel more comfortable, but elevate them to reach their potential and goals. The council consists of a variety of women, including students, who have been selected and invited to become involved with the organization. Each member of the council earnestly seeks to collaborate with the various entities on campus to enable necessary and important changes that benefit the women of BYU-Idaho.