Drawing of a person wearing a mask

BYU-Idaho is deeply concerned by the increase of active COVID-19 cases in our region and on campus. Students and employees are asked to carefully follow the required health restrictions established by Eastern Idaho Public Health (EIPH). We are committed to honoring civil authority. The university’s ability to keep campus open will be determined by EIPH thresholds, including active cases and hospital bed capacity.

If EIPH guidelines are not followed and the current trend continues, it may require a reclosure of campus, which would impact all of us in difficult and unfortunate ways. This may include moving courses to only remote and online instruction, challenges in meeting housing contracts, strain on the local community, and the difficult emotional toll of continued separation and/or isolation.

Adhering to EIPH guidelines is required at all times. Masks must be worn in public and physical distancing must be maintained. Participating in large gatherings in parks, apartment complexes, dance parties, and other events where health and safety standards are not strictly observed is contrary to public health guidelines.

If BYU-Idaho students refuse to comply with EIPH guidelines or take actions that put others at risk, campus privileges may be restricted. This could include not being able to attend class on campus, work on campus, or receive in-person campus services. It could also result in suspension and/or dismissal from the university.

BYU-Idaho is grateful for the students, university employees, ecclesiastical leaders, public health and city officials, businesses, and citizens who are committed to honoring the current order issued by EIPH. We expect our campus community to help in this important effort. By working together, we can all have hope in a healthy and productive future.