Picture of Students laughing

Brigham Young University-Idaho will host its third annual Campus Day event on October 18, 2019 for prospective students and their families. For the past two years, this event has brought more than 1,000 prospective students and their families to campus from all over the United States with the intention of helping youth become acquainted with BYU-Idaho and its degree offerings.

Campus Day is an event that shows future college students how BYU-Idaho can help them become disciples of Jesus Christ and professionals in their field of choice. Participants will learn about the university’s mission, its educational programs, and tour the beautiful campus grounds. Prospective students will also have the chance to explore housing options, learn about financial aid opportunities, and discover career paths.

BYU-Idaho’s academic departments will showcase the university’s degree offerings to prospective students and their families. Department of Nursing Chair Erin Bennion says the department fair allows potential students to visualize themselves as a student in the various disciplines.

“Students come and are interested in nursing, and we give them a better perception of what it takes to be a nurse. They get to see our labs, and when they get to see it in action, they say ‘Oh that’s where I want to be!’” Bennion said. “They love to see the simulation suites, that’s when they envision themselves in their scrubs and doing the things that a nurse does. That’s what gets them the most excited.”

Todd Lines, chair of the Department of Physics, agrees the department fair helps better prepare students for when they arrive for their first day of classes.

“High school students don’t know what they could do with a physics major, so it’s an opportunity for us to say ‘you can get a pleasant job and get a lot of money in a good environment’ and students have been pleasantly surprised by that. The most positive outcome has been helping high school students pick a major from day one,” Lines said.

To learn more and register for Campus Day, visit go.byui.edu/campus-day