Campus on fall

With the anticipated approach of Fall Semester 2020, BYU-Idaho is coordinating a safe return to campus and continued delivery of high-quality, flexible education. University faculty and administrators have organized several course delivery options in order to better protect the health of students and employees and to meet the academic needs of all students wherever they are physically located. The course options for Fall Semester 2020 will include:

  • Fully Remote courses (like those offered in spring semester), with students meeting synchronously online;
  • Standard Online courses, with students working asynchronously, at their preferred times.

As allowed by civil health authorities, these other course options—all requiring face coverings in the classroom—will be offered:

  • On-campus Classroomcourses, with appropriate physical distancing and safety protocols;
  • Blended courses that require both in-person learning and remote learning, on alternating days, with appropriate physical distancing and safety protocols;
  • Flexible courses that provide students the choice to gather in-person or remotely, within the constraints of physical distancing and safety protocols.

Registration for Fall Semester 2020 will open Tuesday, July 14, according to standard student prioritization. To determine registration dates, students can either log in to their student account and then navigate to “Fall Term” or visit the When do I Register? website.

Students can view the Fall Semester Registration Guide to evaluate all course options as they plan a schedule that works best for them academically and personally. Additionally, a new “Location” column has been added to the online registration system. This information identifies where each specific class section will be delivered:

  1. On-campus (in-classroom) sections, if you prefer to participate in physical campus classrooms.
  2. Off-campus (remote/online) sections, if you prefer to not be in Rexburg or in a physical classroom.
  3. Campus OR Off-Campus (student choice) sections, for flexibility to participate on-campus or engage remotely.

For help in understanding these fall semester schedule options, students can contact the BYU-Idaho Support Center or Academic Advising by text or phone at (208) 496-1411.

We look forward to safely gathering with you soon. Further updates will be distributed as fall semester approaches. Please note that these decisions are subject to change based on trends in disease prevalence and according to updated state, federal, and Church guidelines.