The Tutoring Center is a free resource available to all BYU-Idaho students. Here are four ways students can utilize this valuable tool.  


Individual TutoringIndividual Tutoring

Students have access to one-on-one tutoring services facilitated by qualified student tutors, who come recommended by faculty members. With over 200 student tutors, the Tutoring Center is able to provide assistance for most knowledge-based courses.

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Group TutoringGroup Tutoring

Student tutors offer the options of group tutoring where they facilitate learning between classmates. This allows students to teach and learn from one another.

“Students have the ability to come and learn with people who are striving to learn like they are,” said Tutoring Center Coordinator Trulee Ann Stocking. “It works really well because when students are in a group they can quiz, help, and teach each other.”

For more information about group tutoring, email  


Video Tutorials Video Tutorials 

Not only does the Tutoring Center provide assistance on campus, it has also created over 4,000 video tutorials for the most commonly tutored courses. These tutorials are created by students and approved by faculty members.

You can find these videos at


Practice QuizzesPractice Quizzes

Quizzes are also available for the most commonly tutored courses. Students can test their understanding of course material through practice quizzes.

To access these quizzes, visit

Contact, 208-496-4270 or, if you are unable to find a tutor, video, or quiz for a specific course.