Girl student sitting on the grass with her computer

Official spring semester enrollment totals at Brigham Young University-Idaho show growth among our total population of students who are continuing to pursue their academic goals amid a world-wide pandemic.

Statistics released for the Spring 2020 Semester show a total of 20,559 campus-based students enrolled in remote courses, a 0.8% percent increase over last springs’s campus enrollment of 20,388.

This semester the campus-based student body consists of 10,147 male students and 10,412 female students, (49.3% percent and 50.7% percent respectively). The total number of married students is 5,638, comprising 27.4% percent of the total campus-based student population.

Enrollment in BYU-Idaho’s online courses also continues to grow rapidly. The number of online students for the Spring 2020 Semester is 12,435, an increase of 16.3% percent over last spring’s comparable online student enrollment of 10,691.

Continued growth in enrollment can be attributed, in large part, to BYU-Idaho’s unique educational emphasis. This includes: the teaching focus of its faculty, the opportunity to gather with other students who share common values, the university’s focus on real-world preparation, and the high-value educational experience offered. BYU-Idaho is student focused by design.