A student sits on her bed while working on her latop.
Brigham Young University-Idaho has extended its application deadline to invite the thousands of recently returned missionaries who are looking for a productive, uplifting learning opportunity, to take classes at BYU-Idaho during its upcoming Spring 2020 Semester! All classes for this semester will be offered online with a flexible schedule or remotely (meeting online at specific times on specific days). This strategy will give students more access to distance learning than ever before! This is a great time for individuals to gain new skills and knowledge or to simply challenge themselves. If anyone is interested in taking classes at BYU-Idaho, fill out the simplified application at www.byui.edu/admissions today! The application is simple and allows applicants to self-report many data points like high school GPA and ACT/SAT scores. If applicants have not previously taken the ACT or SAT, email admissions@byui.edu to learn about an option for a test waiver for Spring 2020 applicants.

Full semester or first block classes begin Monday, April 20. Applicants can also register for classes offered for second block that begin Monday, June 8.

"This is a truly unique time, and with it come some truly unique opportunities," Admissions Director Riley Hall said. "If you or someone you know is figuring out new plans due to adjusted mission service dates, have them visit www.byui.edu/admissions to get started today!”