Behavioral health.

I-Prepare is an emergency preparedness campaign that informs students, employees, and members of the community surrounding Brigham Young University-Idaho how to act during several emergency situations. Information on how to prepare for different emergency situations can be found at

In January 2016, ranked BYU-Idaho as the tenth safest campus in the United States. While the greater Rexburg area is a relatively safe community, the university community is by no means immune to emergencies.  

A 2015 survey released by the Association for University and College Counseling Center Directors found that anxiety and depression are leading concerns of college students when it comes to behavioral/mental health.  

Many factors contribute to behavioral health issues, and they can affect anyone at any time. BYU-Idaho encourages the community to educate itself on the signs of someone who might be suffering from behavioral health issues. Knowing if someone struggles with a behavioral health concern is especially important in emergency type situations.  

Along with being aware of the signs of someone suffering from behavioral health, I-Prepare provides students, employees and the community with contact information for professionals both on and off campus for those seeking help. 

In all cases, individuals should be aware of those around them who might be affected by behavioral health issues. More information on mental/behavioral health and the I-Prepare campaign can be found at