Fall 2019 students

Official fall semester enrollment totals for both on-campus and online students at Brigham Young University-Idaho show continued growth.

Statistics released for Fall Semester 2019 show a total campus enrollment of 20,592 students, an increase of 1.8% percent over last fall’s campus enrollment of 20,226. In addition to this number, 4,543 campus-based students are taking online courses or fulfilling internships away from campus. Online courses have allowed for enrollment growth without students having to be on campus.

This semester the campus student body consists of 9,969 male students and 10,622 female students, (48% percent and 52% percent respectively). The total number of married students is 5,142, comprising 25% percent of the total campus student population.

Enrollment in BYU-Idaho’s online courses also continues to grow rapidly. The number of online students for Fall 2019 is 13,952, an increase of 3.2% percent over last fall’s comparable online student enrollment of 13,524.

Continued growth in enrollment can be attributed, in large part, to BYU-Idaho’s unique educational emphasis. This includes: the teaching focus of its faculty, the opportunity to gather with other students who share common values, the university’s focus on real-world preparation, and the high-value educational experience offered. BYU-Idaho is student focused by design.