REXBURG, Idaho—The Brigham Young University-Idaho Department of Music invites BYU-Idaho students, faculty, staff, and community members to submit original hymn texts to use in the eighteenth annual BYU-Idaho Hymn Festival to be held in the Spring 2023 Semester.
To be considered, participants must be sure their text follows a standard poetic meter for hymns and maintain uniformity in the number of syllables in each line from verse to verse so that each verse can line up with the same musical rhythm.
BYU-Idaho music students will review submissions chosen for use. They will create a new hymn tune and harmonize from the submitted text. Alternatively, participants can identify an existing hymn tune in which their new hymn could be sung. New hymns and arrangements are always encouraged, though participants can submit an additional original verse (or verses) to an existing hymn.
Submissions are due by Monday, November 7 and must be delivered to the BYU-Idaho Music Department office, Snow Building 246 or via email at Please include your name, address, phone number, email, and two scripture references that support the text (such as those provided for each hymn in the current hymnal).
For more information about the Hymn Festival or submissions, visit