Emergency.byui.edu provides information on the importance of preparing for winter storms.

I-Prepare is an emergency preparedness campaign that informs students, employees, and members of the community surrounding Brigham Young University-Idaho how to act during several emergency situations. Information about preparing for and staying safe during a winter storm and other winter weather events is available on emergency.byui.edu.

In January 2016, businessinsider.com ranked BYU-Idaho as the tenth safest campus in the United States, but the university and the surrounding community is by no means immune to emergencies.  

Winter weather is common to the Rexburg area, and knowing how to act during winter weather is essential to being safe.  

There are several things individuals can do to be safe during winter weather. Preparation for winter storms includes having emergency supplies ready such as food, water, batteries, and other essentials in case of power outages or extreme cold that limits travel.  

Along with winter storms, residents should also be aware of the effects of wind chill. Wind chill is the measurement of how cold the wind makes the air feel on exposed skin. Wind chill can cause frostbite in as little as 30 minutes of exposure below -19° F.  

Dressing warmly and being cautious of how much time an individual spends outside can help protect against frostbite. Materials such as down and wool are best for cold weather, whereas cotton can absorb moisture and make an individual colder.  

Individuals should also prepare winter emergency kits for their cars. A list of items that might be included in this kit can be found by visiting www.cdc.gov/disasters/winter/beforestorm/supplylists.html

In all cases, individuals should be aware of weather reports and plan their travel accordingly. More information on winter storms and the I-Prepare campaign can be found at emergency.byui.edu/storms.