Students enrolled in summer session attend BYU-Idaho.

REXBURG, Idaho ­­­- Official Summer Session 2016 enrollment totals for both on-campus and online students at Brigham Young University-Idaho show continued upward growth. 

Statistics released for Summer Session 2016 show a total campus enrollment of 367 students. The total campus enrollment for Summer Session 2015 was 57 students. The number of on-campus courses offered has increased from 5 in 2015 to 19 in 2016.

Enrollment in BYU-Idaho's online courses and degree programs is also growing, with the university continuing to serve more students off campus than on campus. The number of online students for Summer Session 2016 is 1,900, an increase of 77 percent over last summer's online student enrollment of 1,074 students.

Much of the growth is attributed to the university now allowing first-time students to attend a summer session before their assigned track. The additional courses offered during the summer session-both on and off campus-allow BYU-Idaho students to continue their academic progress year-round. Many students hope enrolling in summer session courses will allow them to earn their degree faster.

"I want to graduate sooner, so I think taking summer classes help me," said Yvonne Liu, a child development major from Taiwan. "I am taking English 101 right now, and we only have 20 students in our class. I feel like I get to know my teacher better. Our instructor is very good and cares about us."  

Accompanying this growth is a continued focus on the quality of the student experience. BYU-Idaho prepares students for leadership in the home, the workplace, and the Church. With a teaching-focused faculty, small classrooms, and a student-centered approach to learning, the university provides a high quality educational experience. The Learning Model, leadership activities, and the university-wide internship program allow students to be academically engaged as they develop natural leadership abilities. This translates into ever-increasing student success as employers and graduate programs across the country realize the value of a BYU-Idaho education.