Frequently asked questions:

  1. When will the new academic standards policies be put into place?
    Fall Semester 2015
  2. Why are the academic policies changing?
    These changes better meet the unique needs of nontraditional, online, and campus students in supporting them in their academic success. Additionally, these academic policies identify and help students who are academically at risk.
  3. I’m on Academic Warning/Probation/Suspension/Dismissal. How will this affect me?
    It depends on your current academic standing. For specifics for each level and how to return to good standing, please visit the Academic Standards webpage.
  4. What is SAP?
    SAP stands for Satisfactory Academic Progress. It is calculated by dividing your earned credits by your attempted credits. 75% SAP was an academic standard in the past, but beginning Fall Semester 2015, it will no longer be an Academic Standard. While the SAP is no longer a factor in Academic Standards it is important to remember that all students should be wise should stewards in using university resources.
  5. Why is SAP no longer going to be a factor?
    The university recognizes that students withdraw from course(s) for many reasons, which affects SAP. Removing the SAP requirement will no longer penalize students for withdrawing from course(s).
  6. Will a low SAP % still impact my financial aid?
    Yes. Please contact the Financial Aid Department for more information.
  7. I was dismissed three (or more) years ago. Can I petition to return to BYU-Idaho now or do I have to wait three years from the time the new policy goes into effect?
    Yes. If you were dismissed from BYUI more than three years ago you can submit a dismissal petition with the Student Records & Registration Office (SRR). If approved, you will be allowed to re-apply for admission to BYUI
    An approved dismissal petition does not guarantee that you will be readmitted to the University. An approved petition gives you the opportunity to submit an application through the Admissions Office. Your application will be reviewed with all other applicants to determine if you will be admitted to BYU-Idaho. If you were recently dismissed, and you petitioned your dismissal with Student Records & Registration, and it was denied then you will have to wait three years before you can petition again.
  8. If I am currently enrolled in the Achieving Academic Success Workshop (AASW) course, how will the changes affect me?
    You are required to take and complete the Achieving Academic Success Workshop (AASW) before you can return back to good academic standing the following semester. You will be required to complete the additional new content in the workshop pertaining to the new academic standards. Your academic standing will change when grades post the following semester.
  9. I am currently on warning but I am an online student and have never taken more than 6 credits in a single semester. Will I automatically be put back on Good Academic Standing?
    Beginning Fall Semester 2015, you can return to Good Academic Standing by registering for a minimum of 0.5 credits and meeting the Academic Standards of a 2.0 semester GPA and a 2.0 cumulative GPA. In addition to meeting these new standards you must complete the AASW course to return to Good Academic Standing. Your academic standing will change when grades post the following semester.
  10. Why did the standard change from a 1.0 to a 2.0 semester?
    A 2.0 represents a “C” grade. The definition of a “C” grade is a “sufficient understanding” of the subject matter. It is expected that each student demonstrate a sufficient understanding of their course material by earning a 2.0 semester and cumulative GPA or higher, for each semester. A 2.0 cumulative GPA is required to successfully earn and complete a degree from BYU-Idaho.