Auditions are required for participation in Symphony Orchestra, Symphony Band, Chamber Woodwinds, Sinfonietta, Sound Alliance, and Jazz Combos. No Audition is required for University Band or Flute Ensemble.

The Woodwind Area includes students pursuing degrees with an emphasis in flute, oboe, clarinet, saxophone, or bassoon.  Each woodwind studio is a supportive and dynamic learning environment where students learn from exceptional faculty and each other.  Woodwind students have the opportunity to participate in a variety BYU-I ensembles, including Symphony Orchestra, Sinfonietta, Symphony Band, Chamber Woodwinds, Flute Ensemble, Saxophone Ensemble, and jazz ensembles. Students have the opportunity to learn auxiliary instruments as part of their ensemble training, and high quality instruments (piccolo, alto flute, E-flat clarinet, English horn, contrabassoon, etc.) are available for students to borrow when performing with an ensemble.  BYU-I Woodwind alumni have been successful in being accepted to elite graduate programs, finding employment in education, and establishing private studios throughout the United States.

Woodwind Faculty