With seven choirs of varying size, skill, and commitment level, we give over 500 singers from majors all across campus a great spiritual, musical, and social experience each semester.

Ensemble Auditions

Auditions are required for:

·         Collegiate Singers: Advanced Mixed (35-50 members)

·         Concert Choir: Intermediate-Advanced Mixed (60-90 members)

·         University Choir: Intermediate Mixed (large choir, usually Spring semesters)

·         Vocal Union: Advanced Jazz (Fall/Winter only)

No audition is required for Women's Chorus or Men’s Chorus. To join, register for Music 313 (Women’s Chorus) or Music 312M (Men’s Chorus).

Preliminary auditions for   Collegiate Singers, Concert Choir, and   University Choir begin 1-2 days before the start of classes each semester. Auditions include a range and skills check and some sight-reading. Singers called back for Collegiate Singers will be given 1-2 short choral excerpts to learn and perform during the callback audition, which takes place at 12:45 pm on the first day of classes. For further questions, contact   choralassistant@byui.edu.

Answers to FAQ about Choir Auditions

Auditions for  Vocal Union include a 60 second excerpt of a jazz standard that demonstrates vocal range, performance, and ability. Any attempts at "stylizing" the piece (scoops, slides, etc.) should demonstrate good musical taste. In addition, you may be asked to sight-read a short melody and/or rhythm. For additional information, contact  Nori Brower.