Adam Dean


Phone Number   208-496-7639
Email Address
Address   106B AUS


  • AS at BYU-Idaho May 2002
  • BS at Utah State University August 2005
  • MS at Utah State University August 2005
  • PhD at Pennsylvania State University December 2008


  • Mechatronics
  • Robotics
  • Control theory

Teaching Experience

Started teaching in January 2009 at BYU-Idaho

ME 142: Engineering Compuation I
ME 250L: Materials Lab
ME 305: Mechatronics and Measurement Systems I
ME 310: Mechatronics and Measurement Systems II
ME 337: Kinematics
ME 342: Engineering Compuation II
ME 370: Machine Design
ME 410: System Dynamics
ME 470: Mechatronics
FDSCI 208: Introduction to Robotics

Requests for Letters of Recommendation

I am happy to provide letters of recommendation or serve as a reference for students; however, I may choose to decline to write a letter or serve as a reference if I feel that I cannot be a strong advocate on your behalf.
To ensure that I have the time and materials necessary to write an appropriate letter, I request the following:

  • Talk to me 2-3 weeks in advance; this will ensure I have the time I need to give a detailed recommendation.
  • Fill out the following form and bring it to me (or email it to me if you are not in Rexburg).  I will need this form before I will start writing.
    BYU-Idaho Letter of Recommendation Form
  • Waive the right to review my recommendation.  I do not feel free to communicate to the recipient if you have not waived your right to review the recommendation.  
  • If the letter is to be mailed or hand deliverd then please provide me with addressed envelopes.  I will sign across the seal, and the letters should remain sealed whether I give the letters to you, or if they are mailed directly.  If the letters are submitted online, please provide the web address and any necessary instructions.
  • Send me an email with the following:
    1. Your LinkedIn url
    2. Personal resume
    3. Cover letter or statement of purpose.  
    4. If you are applying to graduate school, I would like to know whether you are interested in MS or PhD, doing research or just coursework, possible research topics, etc.
    5. List of classes you took from me, when you took them, and projects you did in those classes or with me directly outside of class.
    6. List a couple strengths and weaknesses and what you are doing to overcome those weaknesses
    7. If you require multiple copies for multiple applications, please provide a list of each application and the associated deadlines.