Spring 2017 Projects

Project 1: Solar Tracker 

Project 2: LED Lighting System 

Project 3: Backgauge 2

Project 4: Animal Tracker

Project 5: Stamping Assistant

Project 1 Solar Tracker

Sponsor: H2O for Humanity

Team: Justin Moody, Sam Tibbitts, Dane Smith, Ryan Gardner

The purpose of this project is to determine if the water filtration systems that are currently being used can be powered through the use of a solar tracking array.

image of a pump system

solar panels

Project 2 LED Lighting System

Sponsor: New Day Products

Team: Rob Basinger, Brighton Eagar, Aaron Putich, Blake Chapman

The objective is to create a lighting system that is easily attached, light lasts through a whole shift, and provides at least 500 Lumens of uniform light to the work area. Ideally, the light will be operated without hands and will be attached to the tools being used.

attachment with LED housing

LED driver board, mirrored surface, 720 lumens of LEDs, and motion sensing accelerometer switch

mirrored surface for better light dispersion

Project 3 Backgauge 2

Sponsor: Brother Kevin Orme

Team: Joseph Warner, Adam Frye, Andrew Judd, Eric Borgholthaus, Grant Pray

The objective is to develop and fabricate an automatic adjusting backgauge for the purpose of improving the quality and functionality
of the previous backgauge's front and back translation, adding-multiple different movement translations, and the rigidity of the backgauge to not go out of alignment.

automatic adjusting backgauge

automatic adjusting backgauge

automatic adjusting backgauge

Project 4 Animal Tracker

Sponsor: Troy Denning and Jason Wilding

Team: ChunWai Lai, Jared Hurst, Keith Morton, Jewelissa Lowe

The objective is to create a micro generator that converts the kinetic energy from animal motion to electrical energy for the use of GPS.

micro generator

micro generator

Project 5 Stamping Assistant

Sponsor: Dawn Enterprises, Inc.

Team: Michael Cook, Lauren Ji, Jacob Nickle

The objective is to provide Dawn Enterprises with the necessary equipment and processes to ensure an easy-touse and financially-efficient device that assists the production of radiation detection cloth squares.

Stamping Assistant

Stamping Assistant