(Approved 3/19/2015)

  1. Teacher Candidates in Mathematics must complete all coursework prior to beginning an internship.

  2. Teacher Candidates in Mathematics must pass all Praxis and technology exams prior to applying for an internship.

  3. Math Intern Candidates must complete a Math Composite major or elective courses which train in classroom management and assessments to support success as an intern.

  4. Math Intern Candidates must arrange to have a mathematics lesson they teach evaluated with the Danielson Framework evaluation instrument.  To qualify for internship consideration, the candidate's lesson must score 2 or higher on all evaluated elements.

  5. During a semester prior to the internship, Teacher Candidates in Mathematics selected for an internship must arrange to co-teach a mathematics unit in a BYU-Idaho class with a faculty member that has experience teaching mathematics in a public school setting.