Kent Bessey


Phone Number   208-496-7526
Email Address
Address   204B CHP


  • Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Mathematics from Brigham Young University
  • Doctor of Arts in Mathematics from Idaho State University


  • Having diverse interests, Kent defies pigeonholing and finds fulfillment in many personal and academic pursuits. Among them are university teaching, technical writing, visual design & expression, and (most recently) mathematical card magic.

Work Experience

  • Has worked as an educational consultant for IBM and has taught mathematics at Brigham Young University, Idaho State University, and Brigham Young University–Idaho.


  • Author of 42 published articles and has presented papers at conferences around the world.

Current Projects

  • Revision of his e-textbook on “Lexical Spaces.”


Kent Allen Bessey grew up in Canoga Park, California, which has since been renamed to the sophisticated-sounding, “West Hills.” Though his hometown has become a bustling city, the open fields and fruit orchards that once enveloped Canoga Park molded more of a country boy than a city slicker. Kent served an LDS mission to Curitiba, Brazil and has enjoyed traveling ever since. Beyond extensive U.S. travel, Kent has visited New Zealand, Australia, Great Britain, Belgium, Germany, Austria, and (of course) Brazil. Along with his wife, Siân, Kent has five children and lives in Rexburg, Idaho.