Curtis Nelson


Phone Number   208-496-7555
Email Address
Address   232T RKS


  • PhD, Mathematics, University of Wyoming
  • MS and BS, Mathematics, Brigham Young University


  • Linear Algebra
  • Combinatorics
  • Math Education

Work Experience

  • Faculty, Brigham Young University - Idaho

  • Instructor of Mathematics (while in Graduate School):

    • University of Wyoming

    • Brigham Young University


  • Mentored Senior Project Topics: (0,1)-matrices, Parter-vertices in Graphs, Balanced Data Dispersion, Optimal Fishing Rod Guide Placement
  • Past Work: (0,1)-matrices, Parter-Vertices in Graphs, Minimum rank for Graphs, Inverse Eigenvalue Problem for Graphs

Current Projects

  • Senior Projects: (0,1)-matrices, Parter-vertices in Graphs, Optimal Fishing Rod Guide Placement, any other interesting problems students would like to pursue.


Curtis Nelson is a faculty member in the mathematics department at Brigham Young University Idaho. He delights in working with students and helping them learn the beauty and power of mathematics. Curtis has a PhD in Mathematics with a focus on Combinatorial Matrix Theory from the University of Wyoming.