Some students need additional background before taking college level math courses. We offer three courses taught in a lecture based setting. Students should meet with one of the faculty who teach these courses before they enroll to determine which level will be best.


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Math 100A
      This course goes back to the very basics to assist students in filling in any gaps in the fundamentals of their math background. It is an elective course for those students who feel that the holes in their knowledge reach back into elementary school or who feel that they became lost at math as soon as the alphabet was included. Covering Arithmetic, it goes over the addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division of whole numbers, negatives, fractions, decimals, scientific notation, and percents. It also introduces variables and the uses of them in formulas as in a Pre-algebra course, and then introduces simple linear equations. Most of the course is done without the aid of calculators, but familiarity with them and their usage is also taught.
      Math 100B
        Beginning Algebra
          No prerequisites needed. It provides a quick review of arithmetic and calculator usage as well as a review of variables and substituting them into formulas. The course includes the fundamentals of solving linear equations, graphing lines and identifying key characteristics, and polynomial arithmetic and factorying, including solving polynomial equations by factoring. These topics comprise the basics of beginning algebra and allows students who haven’t met the prerequisites for further math course, through tests or other college courses, to enroll in Math for the Real World or in Math 101. 
          Math 101
            Intermediate Algebra
              Prepares students to enroll in College Algebra or Precalculus. It is normally taken by students who are preparing for a degree in a STEM-related field or intend on preparing for a graduate admissions test. For students who have feel confident in math or who are reviewing from previous Algebra 2 or Precalculus classes, there is not normally a need for them to complete Math 100B first. The content of the course reviews the material from Math 100B, but then includes topics that prepare students for Precalculus, including solving absolute value equations and inequalities, compound inequalities, interval notation, systems of equations, and functions. Rational and rational expressions, functions, and equations are introduced, as well as solving and graphing all quadratics.