BYUI MarComm Team FAQ



What is the BYUI MarComm Team and what are they responsible for?

The MarComm Team consists of marketers from various campus departments, which are responsible for assisting departments with marketing needs, training, and reviewing off-campus communication before it is published. They provide feedback and approval on pieces that will be viewed by the public or large university audiences, give suggestions for additional marketing considerations, and collaborate to increase the visibility of your message. (Approval Form and Approval FAQ)


How can the MarComm Team help my department with communication needs?

MarComm Team representatives are assigned to each area across campus to help provide communication guidance and direction. The team, as a whole, may also be consulted anytime as there are several departments, skills, and marketing experience represented on the team. Consultation examples include media buy advice, individualized trainings, video production, social media strategies, design and layout ideas, editorial calendar creation, cross-promotional opportunities, policy updates, and shared costs for communication platforms/tools. 


Who is my MarComm Team representative?

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