Students will gain an understanding of different mathematical concepts while learning educational theories and methods they will apply to teach mathematics in the classroom.

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Students will learn the basics of mathematics while learning about the different aspects of teaching. They will gain the mathematical foundation they need in order to teach mathematics in the most effective way. Students will take core education classes while taking mathematical courses such as calculus, geometry and algebra. 

Students will develop skills such as planning lessons and adapting different teaching methods and models to a variety of students and their different learning styles. They will learn how to work with, relate to, and teach their future students.

I feel like the professors at BYU-Idaho really took the time to help me understand the material and took time for me. This made me a better teacher to my students. I also made life-long friends in some of my math education courses. It’s nice to have friends with similar interests and standards as me. I loved BYU-Idaho, and I loved the math program there. I would recommend it to anyone!

Amy C.,
BYU-I Graduate

Career Paths

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Highlighted Career Paths

Public School Mathematics Teacher

Public school mathematics teachers create, deliver, and assess mathematical learning experiences that develop understanding and skills in students to expand students' opportunities​.

Private School Mathematics Teacher

Private school mathematics teachers influence the learning of mathematics in a private school setting.

Online Mathematics Teacher

Online mathematics teachers teach math from anywhere in the world.

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