Elementary Education teachers are uniquely skilled in designing and delivering instruction to engage children in the learning process. The Elementary Education major prepares candidates to provide children with foundational skills necessary to continue learning throughout their lives and empowers young learners to reach their divine potential.

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Preparing to Make a Difference

With a degree in Elementary Education, teacher candidates are ready to make a difference as professional teachers. Elementary Education majors learn the instructional methodologies and strategies specific to teaching children in all aspects of the multifaceted stages of development and growth. They learn to teach the complexities of literacy, science, math, social studies, and to integrate technology, art, music, and physical education into lessons to provide dynamic and engaging instruction to children from kindergarten through ninth grade. Teacher candidates have many opportunities to develop and refine their teaching skills during classroom teaching experiences in partner schools.

Career Path

Graduates with a degree in Elementary Education have a wide array of rewarding careers before them. Check out some of the top careers students get with this degree or explore more career options in I-Plan.

Highlighted Career Paths


Teach elementary grades K-6

Middle School

Teach middle school (6-9) in the chosen field of English/Language Arts, Math, Science, or Social Studies

Online Educator

Teach as an online educator

Curriculum Development

Develop curriculum for educators to use


Education Product Sales

Business Training

Provide training for businesses

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Getting started in this degree

Students will complete (33) credits of major-specific courses which can be found in the course catalog for this degree. To find out if a Elementary Education degree is right for you, take the following classes first:

  • ED200 - Teaching as a Profession (2)
  • ED304 - Educational Psychology and Human Development (3)
  • ED361 - Principles of Teaching and Assessment (3)


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