Welcome to the home of faculty activities, resources, and articles based on the scholarship of learning and teaching.

Faculty Committees

Twenty-four faculty members participate in four faculty committees. Faculty from each college are represented on all committees and work under the direction of the Learning & Teaching Council.

At BYU-Idaho, faculty have the privilege to serve on committees, which not only benefit the committee members, but also their colleagues. Each committee is charged with enhancing the quality of learning and teaching which is used to improve, expand, and deepen the effectiveness of the Learning Model. The following are the four Committees:

  1. The Best Practices Committee promotes the best practices of the Learning Model through faculty recognition, the annual spring Faculty Banquet, and the Spori Summit.
  2. The Dialogue Committee encourages on-going dialogue, fostering short and long term conversations about learning and teaching through Brown Bag discussions and the Faculty Conference.
  3. The Publication Committee encourages faculty to write articles in which their insights can benefit their colleagues and are then published in the Perspective Magazine.
  4. The Travel Committee helps faculty members attend teaching conferences or other customized training opportunities and/or site visits. The goal is to find experiences where the best thinking and best practices are occurring.

Instructional Tools

A compilation of "best practices" is available in a series of simple, two-page summaries that are:

  • Practitioner-based
  • Jargon-free
  • Concise
  • Available on demand

Over fifty faculty members have helped develop these tools.  Please contribute your comments and suggestions.

Articles & Videos

Learn what your colleagues at BYU-Idaho are experiencing in their efforts to improve the quality of instruction.  New stories are regularly posted to highlight practices and conversations about education efforts on our campus.