Kelly Burgener explained that this fall BYU-Idaho hired the largest group of faculty in the history of the institution.  Eighteen new faculty members were hired on a permanent basis and thirty were on a temporary basis.  He further described the group by saying "I sense a great investment of experience and talent coming to us with these new faculty members."

An interesting fact is that the combined number of children from the group totals 147 children.  Faculty members relocated from numerous states across the country such as Georgia, South Carolina, Texas, Washington, and New York.  Some unique hobbies of group members include; writing film critiques, making soap, skateboarding, and android app creation.  You can learn more about the new faculty members by viewing slides highlighting each individual that will be shown before the faculty meeting starts at 2 p.m. on Tuesday, September 4 th.

Twenty-seven new departments are represented by new faculty as noted below: 

2012 New Permanent Faculty

Department Faculty 
Academic Support John P. Sloop
Animal & Food Services Zeph B. Quirl
Biology Holden R. Higginbotham
Chemistry Jared N. Bowden
Aaron M. Johnson 
Communication Melissa Merrill
Design & Construction Management C. Nathan Allen
Justin B. Morris 
Health, Recreation, & Human Performance Bertha K. Bowen
Mathematics Lawrence K. Chilton
Elaine R. Wagner 
Mechanical Engineering James J. Lawrence
Music Adam B. Ballif
Religious Education Michael K. Bolingbroke
Ryan S. Gardner 
Sociology & Social Work Clint C. Elison
Teacher Education Sandro G. Benitez
Theater & Dance Katherine T. Schmidt

2012 New Temporary Faculty

Department Faculty 
Academic Support Stephan J. O'Shaughnessy
Animal & Food Sciences Amanda N. Christensen
Shaun M. Harris 
Art David L. Jones
Scott R. Wheeler 
Chemistry Megan E. Browning
Matthew S. Heywood 
Communication Eric C. Lybbert
Economics Peter M. Staples
English Anthony M. Potter
Russell D. Shaffer
Trulee Ann Stocking
Roy D. Turner
Lyle K. Wakefield 
Geology Barry C. Miller
Christopher J. Sant 
History, Geography, & Political Science Richard H. Kelly
Humanities & Philosophy Brent J. Schmidt
Languages & International Studies Penny Wang
Psychology Bradford J. Wiggins
Mathematics Kristen L. Montague
John J. Snell 
Music Darrell L. Brown
Golden A. Lund
Joshua W. Skinner 
Nursing Linda L. Ward
Religious Education David J. Garmon
R. Jacob Romney 
Teacher Education David G. Nagata
Theater & Dance Ashley R. Hoopes