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Join the Conversation


In late 2011 President’s Executive Group (PEG) asked the question: How can we improve communication at BYU-Idaho? For the past two years university leaders have participated in interviews and employees have responded to annual surveys. “Join the Conversation” is a series of initiatives resulting from this process. Real changes have been made in response to the insights gained, and there are new projects currently under development.

This site documents initiatives that have been approved for implementation. It also contains the results of the employee surveys associated with this effort. Please familiarize yourself with how you can be informed and be heard. Together, we can help information and ideas flow more effectively throughout BYU-Idaho.

Insights and directives

Two concerns stood out in feedback from the last employee survey administered in November 2013:

1) the perceived lack of two-way communication and a desire for counsel and input prior to decision making

2) methods for communicating with leaders and leaders’ openness to employees’ thoughts.

Two directives came as a result of this feedback:

  • More effective use of line management – University leaders have been encouraged to use regular staff and one-on-one meetings to appropriately examine issues and raise awareness of concerns to the next management level. Training and support are needed to help our existing reporting lines serve as an effective two-way communication channel.
  • Online communities - The concept of an “employee commons” has been explored as a way of providing online access to support, ideas, counsel, and collaboration as employees earnestly seek to fulfill their individual responsibilities. Sharepoint was initially explored as an environment for this purpose because of its capabilities with workflow, documents, and groups. After conducting additional research with employees, however, it was clear that Sharepoint would not naturally integrate into daily work processes. For this reason, work is currently be done on using email, directories, and contacts as ways to help employees share ideas, gain visibility for concepts, and enhance effectiveness in their daily work.

2013 Communication Effectiveness Survey Results

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