The home page of I-Plan provides a quick view of progress towards academic and career goals. Personal notifications, action items, and tips are also shown here.

Student Homepage

Teach students how to familiarize themselves with I-Plan’s Homepage navigation.


Provides tools to help students prepare for a university education by helping them in the areas of math, reading, writing and study skills.


Educational Strategy exposes students and prospective students to the kind of careers that exist, provides assessments they can take to guide their career decisions, connects careers to majors, displays videos on various careers, and provides interactive tools to help them decide on a career, major, and types of employers for each career.


Teach students how to use the Educational Strategy module of I-Plan.


Students receive a recommended grad plan that is customizable to fit their needs.


Tracks academic and non-academic goals to help students progress towards graduate school and/or professional career opportunities.


Allows a student to search and apply for internships, careers, interviews, and expeditions, request approval for an internship, and connect with mentors.

Student - Home Page

Student - Quick Nav Items

The Quick Nav. has several different functions which all function about the same. We will go over Jobs and Internships.


Students can receive free assistance by scheduling a tutor, viewing online videos and study quizzes to help them with their courses.

Student - Scheduling a Tutor

Teach students how to find and make appointments with a tutor in the Academic Success module of I-plan.


Students are able to schedule one-on-one meetings with academic advisors in order to determine the courses required to meet graduation requirements.

Admin - Create Availability

Create appointment availability times in I-plan's Advising Center.

Admin - Enroll a New Advisor

To demonstrate how to enroll a new advisor in a specific college.

Admin - Quick Visit New

To demonstrate how to create an appointment for a walk-in.

Admin - Schedule Preference

Demonstrate how to set times that you are available by default.

Admin - Search Enrolled Advisors

To show how to search enrolled advisors in the Manage User Enrollement section.

Admin - Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is used for students. They are put on this list as having shown-up for their appointment.

Student - Advising Module

Follow these steps the next time you want to meet with an academic advisor.


Faculty will be able to measure student academic performance against desired program outcomes by tracking success in key assignments.


Students receive notices and alerts through I-Plan and email based on personal performance, which helps students make critical academic adjustments and accomplish career related tasks.


The Predictive Analytics engine will use all the data to produce signals to the student, faculty, and advisors, as well as more macro-level to administrators, to facilitate action toward helping the student succeed.


This page is used by administrators and faculty. It allows them to view forms submitted by students and approve or deny them. Notes can be added to explain actions/decisions made.