Are you a recent high school graduate and have little to no idea what major to choose in college? Maybe that’s because there are so many choices and you wish you could customize your education. Maybe you’re already in college and these same situations apply.

If you’re a future or current student finding yourself stuck, ‘undecided’, or wishing, Interdisciplinary Studies might be your nudge in the right direction.

Twenty to fifty percent of students begin their college career undecided or undeclared for multiple reasons: one being that students are looking for career-specific education. An Interdisciplinary Studies degree allows students to design their own degree by selecting programs from multiple disciplines. This allows students to customize their education to better prepare them for specific career goals.

Here are three reasons why you should consider choosing an Interdisciplinary Studies degree:

  1. You’ll become valuable to potential employers:
    Your resume says a lot about you when a potential employer is deciding whether or not they’d like to interview you for a job/internship. An interdisciplinary studies degree allows you to study more than just one area, which means you’ll have more skills to add to your resume. As jobs become more diverse, employers are more likely to hire someone who is versatile and brings more to the table than the average applicant.
  2. It boosts your creativity and critical thinking.
    The Interdisciplinary Studies degree creates an environment where you have to think outside of the box to make your different concentrations work together. Steve Jobs said that “Creativity is just connecting things,” and IDS is just that: working multiple emphases together to look at things from new perspectives and create new ideas. This becomes valuable in the workplace because your employers will always be searching for ways to improve and solve problems, and they’ll come to you if you prove to be innovative. As you practice critical thinking and creativity in interdisciplinary studies you’ll become a quick thinker and creator.

  3. You’ll become more likely to choose to learn new things.
    As you begin your studies in IDS, you begin to see the benefits of studying more than one subject which makes it easier for you to say yes to learning new things. Continuously learning new things will help you develop a diverse skillset.

Customizing your degree to fit the career you want will help you develop a variety of skills, you’ll learn how to think critically and creatively, and you’ll be more open to new and diverse learning opportunities.

“I was scared to enter into this degree because I thought it would be harder to find a job. I have found the opposite to be true," said one IDS graduate. "This degree has opened me up to so many opportunities in several different fields. I have a versatile portfolio, which has attracted many employers. I would strongly recommend this degree. It gave me the opportunity to study in two fields that I love."

Interdisciplinary Studies was created with students in mind: as jobs become more competitive students should have the opportunity to make themselves stand out.

To learn more about interdisciplinary studies contact our advising office via email(, phone (208-496-9800), or stop by Chapman Hall 101.