Lesly Soriano is a baker in the making who is making the most out of her education! From Los Angeles, California, Lesly came to BYU-Idaho knowing where she wanted to go. She has always had a love for baking, and her goal is to work in a bakery and make pastry’s.

Coming to school, Lesly started off in the Business Management degree, with an emphasis in Entrepreneurship. She knew that she wanted to go into baking but wanted to learn the business aspect of the industry, which would be important information for her career. She says that “I kind of knew what I wanted, but knew I was missing the one part I really wanted. But I didn’t want to change my major completely because I knew it was valuable information.”

Then, a friend referred her to the IDS program! She met with advisors, did some research, and found it could intertwine everything she wanted. Now, Lesly is an Interdisciplinary Studies student, with a concentration in Business Management-Entrepreneurship, with a cluster in Food & Nutrition and certificate in Human Resource management. She is also a member of the Interdisciplinary Studies Student Success Council.

“I kind of knew what I wanted, but knew I was missing the one part I really wanted.”

When asked how she would explain the IDS degree to prospective students, she explained that it is “creating your own major! You can take two aspects from two different majors and intertwine them to find the best fit for you.” Interdisciplinary Studies is all about creating a degree that will give you the education you need for your career. She also loves the major because it gives her the opportunity to find internships that will incorporate all areas of her desired career.

            Lesly is also a big advocate of using the resources and opportunities that are given to you. For those who are interested in the major and want some extra guidance as to what to study and how, Lesly’s advice is to look into the introductory classes for areas you are considering. Read the course descriptions that give you a summary of the class. In addition to this, talk to advising! They know what courses you should take and can help you learn about your options.

When searching for an internship, she recommends that if you get stuck, “the career center is a great resource, and the dean for your major can help you as well.”  

Lesly’s story is just one of many for students in the Interdisciplinary Studies major. IDS is all about getting the education you need, and not sacrificing one area over another. For Lesly, this means she can feel confident going into the world after school, having the education she needs.

Have questions? Contact us at InterdisciplinaryStudies@byui.edu, or by phone at 208-496-3350.