Research and Creative Works Conference IDS Experience

This last week the Interdisciplinary Studies Office was able to present at the IDS Session of the Research and Creative Works Conference. This conference is an opportunity for students to “present original research and creative or artistic works for peers and expert evaluators. Held every semester at BYU-Idaho, the conference provides opportunities for students to network with professionals from a wide variety of backgrounds and skill sets” (R&CW).

The goal of this conference is to create an environment for students to learn and strengthen their skills. IDS students can present on the work they did for their ALPS project (IDS 297R), IDS internship (IDS 398R) or their IDS Capstone Project (IDS 499). At the end of the semester, students presented to a panel from which they receive professional feedback and advice.

This semester, Rylee Trimble presented on the Wedding Workbook project she did for IDS 499. Using knowledge from all her courses and education so far, Rylee created a tool that can help her in her business. Wedding planning has long been a source of stress for brides, no matter how big or small it will be. Because of this, Rylee decided to create a workbook to act as an organizational tool for couples planning weddings. She even got the opportunity to test it out when she planned her friend’s wedding! In her words, “It was a great experience to take what I have learned from planning my own wedding into planning someone else’s to see differences and also what worked well”.

At the event, a panel of judges gives advice and feedback to each student. For Rylee, not only was this a great opportunity, but also being able to see other student’s work. Reflecting on the R&CW experience, Rylee shared that she loved the opportunity to learn from other students and seeing how their degree and creativity met to form their projects.

When asked if she would recommend this conference to anyone else, Rylee affirmed what a great opportunity it was for her, both as a student and in preparation for the future. In her own words, “I would recommend this course because I loved being able to plan a project using my own creativity and passions that would become useful to my future”.

Like Rylee, Katie Walker also recommends taking part in this program. Working with the Outdoor Resource Center, Katie’s IDS 499 capstone project involved re-branding the business and creating social media content for them. Through this experience, she shared that “I refined my skills in design. I learned I do have good ideas and that I have the ability to make them work out when I try my best and take initiative! I got to practice making a presentation that considered my audience and highlighted my strengths and provided good information to support my topic”.

Katie’s advice for anyone who is participating to choose a project that you feel personally invested in. In this, not only is it easier to get hours in for the project, but it also helps you make a presentation that is engaging. In her words, “Don’t make a presentation that sounds very “required for a school project. Make it you”. The more invested you are in your project the more you will get out of it. 

For students who want to gain experience, grow their knowledge, and strengthen their skills, this conference is an amazing opportunity. Learn how to apply your education to a project with real-world applications.

If you are interested in participating in the Research & Creative Works conference in the future, you can visit the website for information at