Meet the Dean of Interdisciplinary Studied, Brother Kevin Brower

Have you met our new Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies, Kevin Brower? If not, here’s your opportunity!


Starting back when BYU-I was Ricks College, Brother Brower has taken on roles from choral teacher and department chair of music to dean of the College of Performing and Visual Arts. He shared that he learned about the need to work together and found joy in collaboration. These diverse opportunities prepared him to begin thinking in an interdisciplinary mindset without even knowing! In his words, “I already was [thinking interdisciplinary], I just didn’t know it!” And thanks to this, when asked him to become an associate dean of interdisciplinary studies, Brother Brower readily accepted.


Brother Brower’s main area of responsibility was over online learning. When recalling his experience creating an introduction to interdisciplinary studies course, he shared that it was a great opportunity to learn what it really means to be interdisciplinary, and how it can be effective for BYU-Idaho students. “The integration of ideas is fascinating…while other schools often focus on the academic pursuit of topics outside of mainstream disciplines, BYU-Idaho’s approach to Interdisciplinary Studies is not about margins, but rather using the disciplines available to customize a degree for student success, based on their career and life goals.”


Something that Brother Brower loves about Interdisciplinary Studies is the broad range of students that he is serves. The Interdisciplinary Studies Office isn’t just about IDS majors, it also includes Professional Studies, General Studies, and Family History Research! “We are the academic degree focus for over 10,000 students from different areas on campus, online, and Pathway Worldwide students.”

“We hope to help students find academic success.”

On this subject, Brother Brower shared that he “hopes students understand there is a place on campus for those who are on a journey toward graduation but may not know how to get there. We help those who want to customize their degree, get advice when they have not found success in traditional disciplines, or who have no idea where to start! We hope to help students find academic success.”


From the beginning of his educational career in music to his current position as Dean of Interdisciplinary Studies, Brother Brower’s love for students and a desire to help them has guided him along his path. His goal is for students to find success. He hopes to foster a community to help build one another towards it, and with your help, that community can grow! To learn more about how to get involved in interdisciplinary events or groups, you can email the IDS office at