The goal of the IDS program is to provide students with the opportunity to customize their path to graduation at BYU-Idaho. We want students to understand the power of obtaining knowledge and skills from multiple disciplines. But, more than that, we want students to gain a sense of interdisciplinarity, or the ability to fuse problem solving skills from diverse disciplines to answer complex questions. In short, IDS is about providing opportunities for students to make their education more meaningful by aligning their learning and development to real-world needs and their future success as "disciples of Jesus Christ who are leaders in their homes, the Church, and their communities." (BYU–Idaho Mission Statement)

To help in your planning visit the following information pages:

Successful Combinations

View student profiles of some of our IDS students.

Concentrations and Clusters

An IDS degree is formed by choosing concentrations, minors, clusters, and/or certificates. 

Customize Your Degree

Contact an advisor for help customizing your IDS Degree:
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