Bachelor of Science in Biostatistics

Degree description: This degree combines a concentration in Statistics, a Computer Science cluster, and a cluster selected from Natural Resources, Neuroscience, or Biotechnology. The objective of this degree is to prepare graduates for entry-level employment in industry, or graduate school if they choose to pursue an advanced degree. A key element in the design of this degree is the inclusion of computer programing. Feedback from industry contacts indicated that the lack of programming skills is a critical deficiency in graduates from many other statistics programs.

Possible career options:

Directly after B.S. Degree:

  • Entry Level Lab Technician
  • Entry Level Statistical
  • Programmer
  • Entry Level Data Analyst

With the addition of an advanced degree in either Biostatistics or Statistics:

  • Biostatistician
  • Biostatician Manager
  • Clinical Researcher
  • Statistical Programmer
  • Data Analyst
  • Statistical Scientist

Advising Contact: 106 Austin | (208) 496-1411 |