Please keep in mind the following guidelines as you represent BYU-Idaho in the workplace:

Be Reliable

Show up on time and when you are asked to be on-site. Once you have established your schedule, make sure to be prompt and to not miss "reporting for duty" unless you are ill or have an emergency of some sort. If something comes up that causes you to miss work, let your professional partner know in advance or as soon as possible thereafter.

Dress & Act the Part

You are in the professional world now. Confirm the proper attire for your office, and then dress for success. Don't make personal phone calls or have friends visit you during your work time, unless you have permission from your professional partner.

Give It Your Best Shot

Even if you get a project that seems out of your range or too tough for you, do the best you can. You just might surprise yourself, and your professional partner can work with you on the improvements you need to make. Helplessness is not a desirable quality in the workplace. And when you are asked to meet a deadline, do everything you can to come through. Excuses don't go over well.

If You Don't Know, Ask

This is an educational and learning experience, and your professional partner knows that. Don't be afraid to ask questions about the office or the work you and your partner do, but make sure it's the right time and place. Don't be a pest, and don't interfere with the work that goes on in the office.

Look For Other Ways to Help

You might show up for work one day and your partner may be gone or have forgotten to line up things for you to do. That's OK – just look around or ask for other things you can do. Remember, nothing is beneath you. You can learn a lot about the office even when answering the telephone, running errands or licking envelopes.

Remember That You Represent the University

Work well with your internship provider so people there will want to have many more BYU-Idaho students in their offices in the future.

Have A Wonderful Time

Enjoy the unique personal, professional and spiritual experiences afforded you. Your internship provides a marvelous preparatory experience for the workplace and for life. Make the most of it!