If you have ever wondered what your degree options are here at BYU-Idaho, or what kind of jobs are out there, you’ve come to the right place. Sister Katie Holt, the IDS Career and Academic College Coordinator knows how to help and guide students who find themselves in this position and shares her insight on career exploration and the IDS degree option.

Sister Holt was born and raised in the Cache Valley area in Logan, Utah where she attended Utah State and obtained a degree in education. She was a 5th-grade teacher and homeschooled her three children before accepting a position at BYU-Idaho in 2014 as an online remote advisor.

 “My dad was a University Administrator at Utah State and from a very young age I would attend graduation every year,” said Sister Holt. “I have always had a passion for the college-age.”

She came back to BYU-Idaho in April 2020 as the IDS Career and Academic College Coordinator and has found that her experiences have helped her find more success in advising the students she meets with.

"I love to have conversations with students and have them look down the road, not just to graduation, but to see themselves five, ten, twenty years down the road and where they want to be,” said Sister Holt. "Seeing the future and having that vision is so important.”

Sister Holt talks about Interdisciplinary Studies as a degree option and gives insight into why students should consider this degree option.

"Interdisciplinary Studies is a customizable degree on campus that provides a path towards a specific dream,” said Sister Holt. “Employers are looking at students with different skill sets; an employee that can do two or three different things for the company, but can also think outside of just one area.”

The Interdisciplinary Studies Degree allows students to study in multiple fields and across disciplines to meet specific career goals. IDS students are taught how to apply a chosen area of study into another as a means of problem-solving, a valuable skill that employers today are looking for.

"You don't have to fit in a box in any one area and I love that customization,” said Sister Holt, “Come in and let's talk. Share your story and your experiences, where you've been and where you want to go and let's see if it's a good fit.”

The IDS degree option is for students who are looking for a tailored degree that fits a determined career or vision. Students who know or have an idea of what they want to accomplish in their career but are having trouble finding the requirements in just one area of study should reach out to an IDS advisor.

In addition to understanding the IDS degree option, Sister Holt wants students to know what they can do to further their career exploration.

“Talk to as many people that will talk to you, shadow people in different fields that you may have an interest in, and conduct informational interviews,” said Sister Holt, “There are some wonderful Power to Become talks that are accessible through podcasts."

Sister Holt also offers students some general advice when it comes to preparing for a career.

"Knowledge is great and very important, but we have to be able to apply it to make anything happen," said Sister Holt. Choosing the right areas of study for your degree helps make this happen. “Oftentimes we are limited to our experiences without knowing what's out there, exploring your options is important to become more adaptable to change.”