Image of Cover of 2018 Winter Issue of Perspective showing male faculty member wearing glasses and sitting in a classroom desk.

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In This Issue of Perspective | JOSEPH ANDERSON

"We Are Voyagers":  2017 Faculty Conference Keynote Address | EMILY GROVER

Writing that Serves: Three Principles of Writing Success | LANE WILLIAMS

Your Words or Mine:  The Plagiarism Dilemma for Students | DONNA FUNK

Flipping the Classroom with Storyline | GAYLEN JENSEN

Team-based Learning: Creating Effective Teams with Student Accountability | MATT ZACHRESON & TODD KELSON

Calculus -- Twice Flipped | ANN MARIE HARMON

A Summary Analysis of Online Education | HYRUM LEWIS

Activity-Level Feedback | JAMES HELFRICH

Principles from Jacob 5 for Improving Campus and Online Courses | JAKE ROMNEY

Teaching One Another by Flipping the Classroom | DEBRA E. LOWE & KATHY JO COOK

Increased Meaning of Texts | MIKE SESSIONS

Do Your Questions Fall Flat? Anyone? Anyone? | BILL CRAWFORD