Picture of Barbara Walvoord

On June 7, 2013, Dr. Barbara Walvoord was on campus for an all-faculty presentation. Dr. Walvoord is a professor emerita at the University of Notre Dame and author of Assessment Clear and Simple. She first met with the general faculty at a luncheon, and then led a meeting about grading and classroom assessment.

Workshop Handouts

Barbara Walvoord gave the workshops listed below:

Faculty Luncheon - Classroom Assessment

Classroom Assessment video Image

Dr. Walvoord pointed out that faculty are already doing a significant amount of classroom assessment. Using two case studies, Dr. Walvoord demonstrated that by paying more attention to the information collected, faculty can enhance student learning and make classroom time more efficient. 

Workshop - Effective Grading

Effective Grading video Image

Dr. Walvoord discussed issues around effective grading a final workshop held Friday afternoon. In this session Dr. Walvoord addressed issues such as effective rubrics, grade inflation, meaningful feedback, and establishing grade criteria.