Brown Bag Discussions offer faculty an opportunity to share lunch together and listen to their colleagues speak about topics related to learning and teaching. Come get a free lunch and experience interactive discussions presented by your friends. Faculty presenters have the freedom to speak about things they feel are innovative and enlightening, items they find successful in the classroom and best practices. Instructors who regularly participate in Brown Bag Discussions often come away with new ideas that make their teaching more meaningful.

Listed below are the upcoming Brown Bag / PIE Talk Discussions. To reserve a seat and a lunch, RSVP to

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Upcoming Discussions:


PIE Talk: (Passion, Innovation, and Enlightenment)

Thursday, February 14, from 1-2 pm, MC 387 Special Events Room

Friday, February 15, from 11:30 am to 12:30 pm, MC 387 Special Events Room



The Anatomy of a Hymn: Sacred Text and Music

This session will look at how hymns are constructed (text, tune and harmonization), as well as the process that goes into producing the annual BYU-Idaho Hymn Festival. We'll also try out a few of the new hymns that have been created here on campus for this festival.


No Tongue Can Speak: Composing Lyrics for New LDS Hymns

How can we escape the cliches, familiar forms, and King James English of the past and discover a fresh, new language for hymnic worship and praise?

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