Instructional Resources & Support Director

Office: 350B MCK


Phone: 208-496-1154


Faculty Development Manager

Office: 353 MCK


Phone: 208-496-7239


Office Assistant

Office: 350 MCK


Phone: 208-496-1157

Faculty Committees

The Learning & Teaching Council is charged with enhancing the quality of learning and teaching at BYU-Idaho. This council is comprised of the chairs of the four Learning & Teaching Committees and is chaired by the Associate Academic Vice President of Instruction. This council meets at least once each semester to coordinate resources from the Academic Office and the efforts of eighteen faculty serving on the various committees.

The Learning & Teaching Committees work under the direction of the Learning & Teaching Council to provide valuable learning opportunities for faculty. Faculty members representing each college are on all committees.

Best Practices Committee

Promotes faculty recognition and gatherings. Sponsors the Spori Summit, the Faculty Banquet and Awards.

Chair, Forbush, Holly-College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Assistant Chair, Godfrey, Mike-College of Education & Human Development

Bergstrom, Robyn-College of Business & Communications

Pigott, David-College of Language & Letters

Benson, Gary-College of Performing & Visual Arts

Johanson, Paul-College of Physical Science & Engineering

Dialogue Committee

Encourages investigation and sharing of best practices and faculty research. Sponsors Brown Bag Lunches and the Faculty Conference.

Chair, Orme, Susan-College of Physical Science & Engineering

Seamons, Rhonda-College of Language & Letters

Cox, Tricia-College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Peck, David R.-College of Education & Human Development

Jimison, Carla-College of Performing & Visual Arts

-College of Business & Communications

Publication Committee

Publishes faculty findings, insights, and research in the Perspective Magazine that is published each semester.

Chair, Anderson, Joseph-College of Agriculture & Life Sciences

Astel, Kirk-College of Education & Human Development

Williams, Lane-College of Business & Communications

Yost, Tyson-College of Language & Letters

Storm, Ashley-College of Performing & Visual Arts

Pickard, Megan-College of Physical Science & Engineering