The BYU-Idaho website uses a backend Content Management System called Ingeniux to manage web pages and content. The University upgraded to the latest version 10 on March 14, 2018.

Training & Support

Ingeniux Training Articles

Training articles with screenshots are now available for Ingeniux 10. Learn how to check out pages, make edits, add images for social media, increase visits from Google searches, and more.

Ingeniux Training Articles

Additional Items

Adding Photos to

To help websites load faster for users, Ingeniux 10 will limit photo upload sizes to 500 KB. Tutorials to change image sizes are available on the Ingeniux Training Site.

Sizing Images for Web Use

Out With the Old

Old documents and images previously uploaded to that are not currently linked to or being used by a webpage will be deleted during the time of the upgrade. Copies of all previous system assets will be created and stored on a BYU-Idaho server. Deleted items can be retrieved from this server and re-uploaded if needed.

To access the files on the server, you need to be on campus.

On a Mac:Use the finder main menu > click on Go > Connect to Server > in the Server Address type smb://INGENIUXTEST/assets

On a PC:Open file explorer > Type \\INGENIUXTEST\assets


If you have further questions or concerns, please contact MarComm Team representative, Roger Nichols at 208-496-2051 and, or Jeffery Dunster at 208-496-2090 and

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