The BYU-Idaho Visitor wireless network is intended primarily for ecclesiastical leaders serving on campus. This network allows bishops and stake presidents to process missionary applications and endorsements without the need to log in to the campus network. In addition, this network may benefit other campus visitors like non-student dependents, parents of students, and various conference attendees.

This network is filtered like other campus networks, and the types of websites accessible from this network are more limited than the current BYU-Idaho wireless network. For example, popular streaming sites such as Netflix and Hulu are blocked. Users attempting to access a blocked site may see either an “Application Blocked” page or the page simply will not load. Because of the restrictions that have been imposed on the BYU-Idaho Visitor network, students and employees will find the current BYU-Idaho wireless network to be better suited to their needs. They should not view the Visitor network as a non-authenticated replacement or an alternative.