Accessing Yammer

Click here to access Yammer. 


Yammer is very similar to Facebook in its look and feel. As with Facebook, new posts – complete with “Likes” – appear in Yammer’s primary screen, which is known as the Newsfeed. Icons indicating private messages and other notifications appear in the upper left hand corner. You can also create groups, which is helpful for segregating talk that’s relevant only to specific internal teams. If a group conversation eventually requires assistance from other employees, you can share it with a specific person via instant message or with another group entirely using the “Update” function.


Hashtags are very useful on Yammer. Yammer’s robust search function digs up tagged posts quickly, so be sure to slap #[currentyear]projections or #KeyCorporateAccount on the end of your posts for future searches.

Contacting Coworkers

You can create external networks and invite non-employees (suppliers and clients, for instance) to join those networks. The People Directory automatically creates a searchable database of every person enrolled in your Yammer, making it especially easy to find contact information for the people in your company. Even better, employee profiles come with a “Skills” section that makes it easier to search for them in the People Directory.

Sharing Files

Anyone can attach a file to a post in order to quickly share information without forcing recipients to slog through clogged inboxes. You can also upload files – including images and videos – to a file repository where other Yammerers can download and update them. Groups have their own separate file repositories that augment the main one, that employees can receive automatic notifications whenever critical files are updated.

Mobile Platforms

Yammer has apps for iOS, Android, and the Windows Phone. Yammer offers these benefits compared to traditional e-mail messaging:

  • No more fragmentation of conversations into different e-mail threads.
  • No more forwarding of e-mails to unknown recipients, or risk of messages falling into the wrong hands.
  • No more out-of-sync replies.