This article outlines the process for sending and receiving faxes via BYU-Idaho email.


1. Open a new email message and type the address of the person you’d like to send the fax to in the "To…" field.

NOTE: When typing the address of a fax recipient, type "8," then the fax number, followed by

2. Fill in the "Subject" and message body fields according to how you want them to appear on the fax’s cover letter. This information will appear on the fax’s cover letter alongside the "To" and "From" information.

3. Attach the document you would like to fax by clicking the paperclip icon labeled Attach File.

4. Attachments appear as subsequent pages behind the cover letter.

5. Select Send.

NOTE: You will receive a notification by email whether the fax is delivered successfully or not. To send a test fax, use the HP FaxBack Test system at


Click here to fill out the Personal Fax Number Request form. (BYU-Idaho Employees Only).

NOTE: You'll need a new department e-mailbox specifically for Fax or a designated person to receive all fax. That person or mailbox will get a new number to which the Fax must be sent.