Check out the infographic below to learn about types of viruses and how to avoid them.

Antivirus Man A super way to keep your computer safe Be On the Lookout for These Villainous Viruses! Trojan Horse Disguises itself as legitimate software to get you to download it. Ransomware Puts a lock on your computer and demands money to get it unlocked. Spyware Keeps track of your keystrokes and the sites you visit in order to steal your passwords. Adware Fills your browser with popups and links to advertisements. Polymorphic Duplicates itself in slight variations in order to make itself harder to track. Worm Goes from computer to computer infecting and corrupting the tech without your interference. Scareware Uses intimidation, threats, and scare tactics to convince you to download viruses disguised as antivirus software. Keep Your Computer Safe with Free Antivirus Software! Recommended Sophos Bitdefender Free Avast AVG Not All Heroes Wear Capes. Be Your Own Hero! 1 Use Common Sense. If something does not look official, do not trust it. 2 Only download from reliable sources. Discounted software could be pirated or full of viruses. 3 If your friend sends you a suspicious link, double check with them to see if they really sent you something. 4 Hover your cursor over a link or button to see what you’re really downloading. 5 Beware when a program asks for a lot of personal information prior to downloading. 6 Try to click and drag the download button. If it moves, it is an image hiding a virus. 7 When you are downloading something, be sure to slow down and read everything it is saying. Sometimes, downloads will sneak in additional software that you do not want during the downloading process. 8 Do not disable your firewall!