Emailing is a necessity for most, if not all, of us. With all of the risks involved in owning and using an email account, how can you keep yourself safe from email attacks?

Tips for Staying Safe from Email Attacks 

  • If you don’t recognize the sender of an email, don’t open it.
  • If you suspect a message is spam, you are probably right and should delete the message.
  • Do not respond to any unsolicited requests for information.
    • If an email asks directly for information such as a Social Security number, credit card number, or bank account numbers, it should be immediately disregarded and reported to the BYU-Idaho Support Center at (208) 496-1411. Legitimate websites will never attempt to collect this kind of information via email.
  • Use antivirus protection and a firewall.
  • Increase your browser security settings.
  • Avoid questionable websites.
  • Only download software from sites you trust.
  • Do not download anything illegally. Not only is this morally questionable, but it is also a great way to get malware on your computer.
  • Avoid free software and file-sharing applications.
  • Get anti-spyware software protection.


NOTE:  If you suspect you have been victimized by a phishing scam, immediately change your account passwords.